Sense Of Challenge Or Need To Go Beyond Limits?

For many aspects, running after the most incredible or dangerous sports is a way to express something which is deep inside personality and which deals with that mysterious sense of challenge in life.

So you can understand why some people like to try the hardest solo venture riding a bike on the world’s  highest and most difficult mountains to explore by bike.

Of course, some other people express their need of freedom or to go beyond the common limits most people live in, by playing hazardous games or gambling games.

How Many Of You Would Try An Online Game?

The question is pretty clear to understand: how many of you will be likely to try an online slot game? Probably, only a very few of you and this is partially due to the fact that slot games are always considered as top dangerous games or games where gamers are scammed.

Probably, in the past times where gamers used to play in Vegas land based casinos things were really so complicated and slot machines weren’t the safest games in the world.

But today much is changed and the current slot games are possibly the safest games in the world, being all based on software systems that cannot scam anyone.

For this reasons the most attractive slot games are currently played in the form of online slot games and not as land based slot machines.

Cleopatra – The Beautiful Egypt’s Queen

You will surely know that in the internet you can find many, literally so many different slot games. Actually, all online casinos offer a wide range of such games, but only the Ladbrokes Casino offers you all the unique and most seducing version of the classic slot game of Cleopatra.

On you can find an overview and all the game function of the newest and most appreciated Ladbrokes Cleopatra slot.

This new game features some important differences than the classic version: first off, there are new elements and game symbols that before were absent in the previous game version, such as deserts, archeologists, camels and palms.

Secondly, the gamers who start the game can listen to the Egypt’s Queen beautiful voice: a female seducing voice will wish you “welcome” as you start the game.

The Sphinxes In The Ladbrokes Cleopatra Slot

And, the most attractive and most important feature of the new Ladbrokes Cleopatra slot is that sphinxes play a more relevant role, being the main elements of the new Ladbrokes Cleopatra slot game.

When players of the Ladbrokes new Cleopatra slot gets 2 or more sphinxes in any position on the game reels, they earn a scatter award. The value of this award is relative to the total bet the players made for that game.

Moreover, there are also additional advantages for gamers who meet virtually speaking even more than 2 sphinxes in the Ladbrokes Cleopatra slot: if 3 or more sphinxes appearing in any position in the game earns you 15 FREE SPINS!

Additional Advantages Of Ladbrokes Cleopatra’s Sphinxes

And if during the free spins you get more sphinxes, then you will earn extra free spins or scatter awards!

As you can see, the award and bonus system within this new Ladbrokes Cleopatra slot is really more profitable that the previous past version of the game.

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