Boxing News

Lotteries Can Help Sports

Among the many reasons why lotteries are so much developed and diffused today, without a doubt, a main reason is that lotteries are an easy way to make money for helping poor people and, why not?, even for helping local teams and leagues to grow up faster.

In the UK, lotteries are already a strong tool...

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Sense Of Challenge Or Need To Go Beyond Limits?

For many aspects, running after the most incredible or dangerous sports is a way to express something which is deep inside personality and which deals with that mysterious sense of challenge in life.

So you can understand why some people like to try the hardest solo venture riding a bike on the world’s  highest and most...

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MMA Lottery Games

Curious to know what the game of lottery and Mixed Martial Arts have in common? For starters, they both make people happy – winners of million-dollar jackpots and winners of MMA fights experience similar thrills. Secondly, they can both pump up the adrenaline, and they can be used toward the good causes related to...

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2015 Events

2015 will be a landmark year for Panda-5-Star Entertainment. Among other ventures, we're getting ready to sign some very exciting World-Class Boxers and have several big fights planned for them in the Spring. Also, we are forging a partnership with Yunnan Boxing Club which will create some major cross-promotional opportunities in China and in the...
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